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Compare UK prices for 3 Tier Cake Stands

We have an impressive range of quality 3 tier cake stands from major UK stores for all your parties, buffets and other special occasions.

A cake stand makes a stylish addition to any table and is the ideal way to display your cakes, fairy cakes and other tasty treats - we also feature many multi tier stands.

We’ve trawled around to find the best prices for cake stands from reputable UK stores including Laura Ashley, Bouf, John Lewis, Marks & Spencer, Amazon, Cook In Style and Confetti - so we’re confident you’ll find a 3 tier cake stand that appeals.

We also feature a range of other cakes stands including wedding cake stands, single and two tier stands, glass stands, disposable stands and cupcake stands.

Read more below about choosing a three tier cake stand and the types available to buy

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three tier cake stands

Tiered Cake Stand - ideal for weddings and birthday parties

A cake stand is a handy kitchen accessory used for decorating and displaying cakes. They are available in many different styles and sizes, with the three tier cake stand being the most popular.

A three tiered stand comes in separate parts - a large plate at the base with a medium size one in the middle and a small one on the top. Many cake stands come with little separator fittings - often silver or gold - which screw in between each tier of the stand when you have positioned your cake on it.

A cake stand is a great way to raise a cake high above the table surface so it can be displayed at its best - and a multi-tier cake stand is a fantastic space saver as several cakes or cupcakes can be presented taking up the minimum of surface area.
A cake stand will usually be securely wrapped to avoid the risk of breakage in the post and it will be flat packed for easy assembly at your home. Your cake stand can be put together in seconds ready for use in your home.

We bring you an impressive range of tripe tier cakes stands for all occasions - whether you want to buy a wedding cake stand, disposable cake stand, vintage cake stand, Christmas or birthday cake stand or simply a top quality cake stand for a party or other event, you're sure to find something that appeals here.

We feature multi-tier cake stands made from a variety of materials - among those you'll find in our range of products are acrylic glass cake stands, perspex cake stands, wire cake stand, ceramic cake stands, bone china and porcelain cake stands, plastic cake stands, silver and gold cake stands and acrylic cake stands.

And we have many shapes of tiered cake stands available too including round, square and heart-shaped stands and there's no shortage of different colours too including red, white, gold, silver, black, green, yellow and pink cakes stands, not forgetting the many patterned options. A tiered cake stand really does have your cakes looking great for that special event.

You will find three level cake stands available for every special occasion - from a cheap disposable cake stand made from cardboard which are great for kids parties, to elaborate stands for formal events such as weddings and business dinners. Ornamental or vintage cake stands are very impressive indeed and often tastefully engraved, painted, etched or carved.

A tiered cake stand is a must for anyone who likes entertain guests regularly at their home or enjoys hosting birthday, Christmas or other parties and buffets. It's an excellent item for serving afternoon tea at home with friends and family. The cake stand is also an essential accessory for displaying a cake or gateau in a bakery or restaurant.

The triple tier cake stand is probably the most popular type of stand as it is neither too large and bulky or too small - it's the perfect size of stand for most people whether they wish to display three separate cakes of or use it for a multi-tier theme cake such as a wedding cake, birthday cake, anniversary cake, christening cake or Christmas cake.

We mainly feature three level cake stands and other variations of tiered stands including single, double and 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 tier stands. Many of these multi tier stands can be used in varying combinations. Other cake accessories you'll find here are the cake plate, wedding cake case, cake stand with dome lid and cake stand fittings, rotating cake stand and knife sets.

There are many uses for this style of stand so you are not limited to using it solely for presenting cakes - it can also be used to display fairy cakes, pastries, cupcakes, gateaux, biscuits and even more savoury foodstuffs such as canapes, sandwiches, muffins and vol au vents. Some people choose to hire out cake stands for special occasions but many 3 tier cake stands, particularly disposable cardboard ones, are very cheap to buy.

Cake stands are usually very easy to clean and many are dishwasher safe. Those which are not, including certain silver and gold cake stands, should be carefully disassembled and washed with hot soapy water.

Some of most popular styles of Three Tier Cake Stand to buy

Let's take a look a some of the 3 tier cake stands we have available to buy from reputable UK stores:

Wedding Cake Stands

The wedding cake is often a focal point at a wedding reception meal so it's important that is presented favourably to look its best. We have some lovely tiered wedding cake stands made from glass, chrome, mirrored glass, stainless steel, silver, perspex and porcelain. Some come with the very popular butterfly design of cake separators and we also feature some stylish single, double, four, five and sever tier wedding cake stands too in various shapes including square and round. Most of our wedding cake stands are the vertical style with each tier sitting directly on top of the other but we also have some which are presented in the cascading style with each tier sitting out from the previous one. A very popular choice of wedding cake stand is one where the tiers are positioned to resemble the shape of a swan. It is possible to buy a cheap wedding cake stand but for that very special occasion it's wiser to buy a more expensive stand which looks exquisite.

Cupcake Stand

We have dozens of stylish fairy cake and cupcake stands in an impressive range of styles, colours and patterns. And you'll certainly find more than just the popular triple tier cupcake stand - there are also available in single, 2-tier, 3-tier, 4-tier and many other multi-tier combinations. We bring you a range of cheap cupcake stands for a party of buffet, including plastic stands, wire cupcake tree stands and disposable paper of cardboard ones. But we also have many top quality cupcake stands which can be used for all you special events - these include wire cupcake stands, glass stands, vintage porcelain and ceramic stands and silver and acrylic fairy cake stands. Many cupcake stands are plain coloured while others have appealing patterns and designs - we even have patriotic union jack cupcake stands. A cupcake stand is perfect for presenting many other goodies including muffins, scones, biscuits, fairy cakes pastries, vol au vents and even sandwiches. There really is no better way to display your cupcakes than with a cupcake dome stand and just think of the table space you are saving.

Vintage Cake Stands

The cake stand has been around for years and many people still love the appeal of a traditional vintage stand, despite the emergence of a huge range of modern cake stands in recent years. Retro and vintage cake stands are often very ornate looking with intricate designs and patterns on them including flowers or leaves. Ceramic, porcelain and silver are very popular choices of material and Royal Doulton vintage cake stands are particularly elegant.

Cardboard Cake Stand

Some people only host a party of buffet occasionally and want to to make their cake or cupcakes looks professionally presented - but they don’t want to go to the expense of buying a glass or ceramic  tiered cake stand. A disposable cardboard cake stand is the perfect solution. A cardboard cake stand is easily assembled, cheap to buy and can be thrown away after use or cleaned down and used again. We have some great looking disposable cake stands with floral designs and patterns and some also come with free cupcake cases. A cheap plastic or melamine cake stand is worth considering as an alternative to a cardboard stand.

Ceramic Cake Stand

A ceramic or porcelain cake stand looks stylish and clean for any presenting cakes, cupcakes, nibbles and other tasty treats at a birthday, Christmas or any other type of party. Ceramic cake stands are tough and hard-wearing so they should last for years if looked after carefully. Ceramic cake stands and cake plates are available in many colours with pastel shades of pink, white, blue. black and grey being the most popular. They are usually dishwasher safe to for easy cleaning.

Glass Cake Stand

The glass cake stand is one of the most popular types available and has a nice clean and fresh look. A glass triple tier cake stand will add a touch of style to your display on the table and also makes more space available for other food and snacks. Glass cake stands are available in clear, smoked, crystal, mirror or frosted glass and are usually dishwasher safe and often have a dome or cloche top with them. It’s best to buy a glass cake stand made from toughened glass to reduce the risk of breakage. Single and 2-tier glass cake stands are popular choices but the 3 tier glass cake stand is the variety most commonly seen at parties.

Cake Plate with Dome

These are single tier accessories for displaying a cake and are very popular for parties and other occasions. A cake plate is similar to a cake stand and the addition of a dome allows you to keep you cake fresh and free from dust if it is to be displayed for a period of time. Cake plates with a dome or cloche are often found in restaurants and cafes.

We feature 100s of classy multi tier cakes stands from dozens of major UK stores including Marks & Spencer, Tesco Direct, Asda, Sainsburys, John Lewis, Bouf, Debenhams, Littlewoods, Bhs, Havens, Confetti, Ebay, Cook in Style, Laura Ashley, Swarovski, Party Box, Amazon and NotontheHighStreet - whether you’re looking for a cheap disposable cake stand or top quality glass, vintage silver, ceramic or porcelain one, we’re confident you’ll find a stand here that appeals to your taste.


Great reasons to buy a 3 Tier Cake Stand

Excellent for parties, wedding receptions and shop displays

Save space on your dining table or food display area

Make your cupcakes, cakes and other foodstuffs look their best

3 tier cupcake stand