3 tier cake stand

Find the perfect tiered cake stand for a party, wedding or other special occasion
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A 2-tier cake stand is ideal if you want to display your cakes or cupcakes on the table for a party or meal with friends and relatives.

We have a huge range of 2 tier cakes stands from leading UK stores including Tesco, John Lewis, Amazon, Marks & Spencer and Homebase. Round cake stands, square cake stands in a variety of materials including cheap disposable plastic and cardboard stands to more expensive ceramic, glass, silver, wire, acrylic and porcelain stands.

The two tier cake stand is a very popular choice - other favourites for parties and special occasion are the single tier stand, 3 tier cake stand, 4, 5 and 7 tier stands.

Our featured double tier cake stands are available in tasteful patterns and design or single colours including pink, white, gold, silver, black, blue and cream.

A 2 tier cake stand is also perfect for displaying scones, pastries and biscuits.

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three tier cake stands

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A 2 tier cake stand makes your cakes looks great - at the double!

A 2 tier cake stand is just perfect for making two tasty cakes look delicious when you are hosting a party at your home - it’s an invaluable accessory for birthdays, Christmas parties, christenings and other events.

We have dozens of 2 tier cake stands from top UK stores at the best prices around - so if you want to buy a cheap disposable plastic or cardboard double cake stand for a kids party or buffet or a more expensive one made from glass, ceramic, porcelain, silver or crystal, we have plenty of those too.

And a two tier cake stand is not just handy for all the scrumptious cakes you’ve baked in your kitchen or bought - it’s also a useful accessory to have for displaying cupcakes, fairy cakes, muffins, scones, pastries and even sandwiches.

A cake stand with two tiers also helps to free up more space on your party table for other goodies - we so feature plenty of vintage cake stands made from enamel, wicker, wire, glass, acrylic, metal and other quality materials if you are looking for something a bit classy or retro. They are available in a range of colours including gold, black, white, cream, silver, blue, pink and red.

Many of our featured cake stands are decorated beautifully with colourful flower patterns and designs. We also have some very unusual 2 tier stands made from old 78 vinyl records and Union Jack cake stands for the patriotic. And of course we feature several two tier stands which are perfect for presenting a wedding cake.

Most 2 tier cake stands are round in shape but we also have a few in other shapes including oval and square. All our featured cake stands are easy to assemble and come with fittings.

Glass, ceramic and silver cake stands look particularly impressive - a tiered cake stand raises your cakes, cupcakes and other items of food above table height so they can be displayed effectively.

If you want to buy a cake stand with even more tiers we invite you to take a look at some of the competitively priced items in our 3 tiered cake stand and multi tier cake stand ranges. We also have a super range of cupcake stands and wedding cake stands.