3 tier cake stand

Find the perfect tiered cake stand for a party, wedding or other special occasion
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Cupcakes are more popular than ever before and there’s no better way to display them than on a stylish fairy cake or cupcake stand

We have a huge range of cupcake stands from leading UK stores from cheap disposable cardboard cupcake stands to more expensive ceramic, glass, wire, porcelain and vintage silver stands. As well as single tier cupcake stands we have multi tier stands including 2-tier, 3-tier, 4-tier, 5-tier and 7-pier for your party needs.

If a 3 tier cake stand is too much for your needs you’ll find some stylish glass, ceramic, silver, cardboard, vintage and chrome cakes stands in this single tier range.

You’ll find a cupcake stand here adorned in bright patterns and designs or single colour stands including white, pink, gold, silver, black, red, yellow and cream.

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three tier cake stands

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Cupcake Stands - the best way to display your fairy cakes

Kids go wild for cupcakes and fairy cakes and a cupcake stand is a great way to display them - and adults love them too, with the tiered wedding cupcake stand even becoming a fashionable feature at many weddings.

We have dozens of great cupcake and fairy cake stands from leading UK stores, ranging from cheap disposable plastic and cardboard stands to more stylish wired, glass, bone china, ceramic, porcelain, metal and acrylic stands which you can use over and over again for all your Christmas, wedding, birthday parties and other special occasions.

But, of course, it’s not just kids who love cupcakes - adults do too - so we bring you plenty of choice at great prices for that special buffet party. A cupcake stand will free up lots of extra space on your food table and can also be used for displaying other goodies such as cream pastries, muffins, vol au vents, biscuits, scones and sandwiches.

A disposable cardboard or plastic cupcake stand has the advantage of being disposable so you can throw it away after the event, cutting down on washing up duties. But if you regularly hold parties or other get-togethers at your home, you are best to consider spending a bit more for a fairy cake stand that can be used again.

We feature some lovely wired cupcake stands which have a circular slot for each cupcake and many others which have the standard single base area for all your fairy cakes and other sweet treats.

The 3 tier cupcake stand is the most popular choice but we also bring you 4-tier, 5-tier, 7-tier, 8-tier, 10-tier and even 12- tier cupcake and fairy cake stands - so there really is something for everyone.

You’ll find many different styles and colours of cupcake stand here including many modern and vintage mirrored or plain glass stands. There’s also some great choices with colourful patterns and designs which will brighten up your party table.

Our cupcake stands are brought to you by reputable UK stores including Argos, Tesco, Asda, Marks and Spencer, Amazon, Debenhams, Bouf, John Lewis, Littlewoods, Party Packs and Cooks and Kitchens.

You definitely can’t go wrong if you buy a cupcake stand for that special party - it’s a great accessory that will take pride of place on your party table and will help add to the success of the celebrations.