3 tier cake stand

Find the perfect tiered cake stand for a party, wedding or other special occasion
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A single tier cake stand is a super accessory for displaying a cake or gateau and we have some lovely stands at the best prices.

This type of stand is all you require to present a birthday cake, Christmas cake or single tier wedding cake and we have some excellent stands available from leading UK stores including Bouf, John Lewis, Tesco, Amazon, Debenhams and Sainsburys.

If a triple tier cake stand is too much for your needs you’ll find some stylish glass, wire, ceramic, silver, cardboard, vintage and chrome stands in this single tier range.

Our featured one tier cake stands are available in tasteful patterns and designs or single colours including pink, white, gold, silver, black, blue and cream.

We also feature some top quality cake plate and dome combination sets which are great for keeping your cakes fresh throughout your party of other special occasion.

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three tier cake stands

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A single tier cake stand will make your cake look its best

There’s nothing like a stylish cake stand to have your tasty cakes and cupcakes looking their best - a ceramic, wire, glass, porcelain or chrome cake stand is just the job for adding a touch of class to your party table.

We feature a huge range of 2 and 3 tier cake stands, as well as many multi-tier stands - but we also have some delightful top quality one tier cake stands for displaying a single cake at a birthday party, Christmas party or other special occasion.

If you have bought a cake or gateau you will obviously want to make it look great - and this will definitely be the case if you have gone to the trouble of baking and decorating a cake yourself.

We’ve tracked down the best prices for cheap or more expensive single tier cake stands from top UK stores - whether you’re searching for a disposable plastic or cardboard cake stand, acrylic or ceramic cake stand, wire cake stand, glass cake stand, silver or metal stand or a even a cupcake stand, we’re sure you’ll be impressed with the choice available here.

Many single tier cake stands consist of just one piece, while others come with easy-to-assemble instructions. There’s an extensive range of cake stands to buy here from reputable online retailers. A cake stand is a great accessory for a special party or just for enjoying tea and cake, or even sandwiches, with your friends.

A single tier cake stand will normal feature a base or pedestal to raise the cake from table height to really make it look fantastic. They are available in various patterns and colours including black, white, silver, gold, pink and cream.

Some of our feature cake stands also come with a plastic, perspex or glass dome or lid to keep you cake fresh and protected from flies and other insects.

Cupcakes are all the rage these days and a standard single tiered cake stand looks great for displaying them for a children’s party, buffet or other event.

If you decide you need a stand to cater for additional cakes you should check out our 2 tier cake stand and triple tier cake stand ranges.