3 tier cake stand

Find the perfect tiered cake stand for a party, wedding or other special occasion
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The 3 tier cake stand is the most popular choice for displaying cakes, gateaux and cupcakes - our huge range from UK stores is second to none.

Whatever type of three tier cake stand you are looking for we’re confident we have something that appeals - from cheap disposable cardboard 3 tier cake stands to luxury silver, ceramic, porcelain, silver, gold, wire, vintage and crystal glass stands.

A triple tiered stand is a great choice for a wedding, Christmas or birthday party and we have some lovely examples from leading stores including Marks & Spencer, Debenhams, Tesco, John Lewis, Argos, Homebase, Confetti and Amazon.

Cake stands are very easy to assemble and look divine on any table, and they’re also great space savers. Whatever you wish to display - cakes, pastries, scones, biscuits, cupcakes or fairy cakes - a 3 tier stand is ideal for your needs.

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three tier cake stands

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A triple tier cake stand adds a touch of class to your cakes

If you go to all the trouble of buying or baking cakes for a party or other special occasion, then it’s certainly worth making them look their very best - that’s where a 3 tier cake stand comes into its own.

A multi tiered cake stand will raise your cakes off the table top at your special event so they can be seen in all their glory by your friends and other guests. They are also great for displaying cupcakes, pastries, sandwiches and other party or buffet goodies.

The three tier stand is the most popular style of cake stand and is ideal for displaying a wedding cake or a series of three cakes at a birthday, Christmas or other party in your home or another local venue.

If you want something a bit classy you may like to take a look at our lovely ceramic or glass 3 tier cake stand range. We also feature many stylish silver, bone china, porcelain and wire vintage cake stands. But if you want something cheap which will still makes your cakes look super then we have plenty of plastic and cardboard disposable 3 tier cake stands which area great for kids parties and cut down on the washing up duties after the event. Children love cupcakes and other tasty treats and a three tier cake stand is perfect for displaying these too.

Every bride wants her wedding cake too look extra special on her big day and a multi tiered cake stand ensures the cake looks divine every time - we also invite you to check out our range of wedding cake stands from leading UK stores.

A cake stand or cupcake stand will come with easy to assemble instructions which will explain how to connect the base and cake fittings. Some stands come as a complete unit so there is no need for assembly.

We have some very competitively priced cakes stands in various shapes including oval, round, square and even heart-shaped - so we’re confident you’ll find a stand that appeals to your individual taste. Among the colours available for 3 tiered cake stands are white, black, silver, gold, cream, green, yellow and pink. Many of the stands are brightly decorated in patterns, motifs and shapes.

These stands can also make the perfect gift so it’s an ideal solution to the problem if you are stuck for something a bit special to buy for a friend or relative.