3 tier cake stand

Find the perfect tiered cake stand for a party, wedding or other special occasion
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The wedding cake takes pride of place at any wedding reception so it’s worth buying a wedding cake stand that presents your cake perfectly.

We bring you dozens of wedding cakes stands in a variety of different styles and materials including porcelain, glass, silver, crystal, vintage, gold and wire.

The most common type of stand is the 3 tier wedding cake stand but you’re sure to find a stand here that appeals to your taste whether your wedding cake is a single tier, 2 tier, 4 tier, 5 tier or 7 tier. We even have some multi tier stands which can be assembled for the specific number of tiers your require.

Wedding cake stands with butterfly fittings between the tiers are a real favourite with couples and are used for the vertical style tiered stand. Some people prefer the type of stand where the tiers are spread out horizontally.

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three tier cake stands

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Wedding cake stand - make the cake look great on your big day

Every bride wants her wedding day to be just perfect - and that means taking steps to get everything looking right on the big day, including the wedding cake.

A wedding cake stand will certainly make the cake look very impressive when friends and relatives gather around the happy couple to take photos of the traditional cake-cutting ceremony.

For couples with a single tier wedding cake on the big day, we have some lovely wedding cake stands in a variety of styles and materials including glass, ceramic, wire, acrylic, crystal and silver which come complete with base or pedestal. Many are designed in a modern style, while others are vintage in style. Wedding cake stands in the shape of a swan are popular choices.

We also feature some very stylish wedding cake stands comprising additional tiers - so whether you wish to buy a 2-tier, 3-tier, 4-tier, 5-tier or 7-tier wedding cake stand, there’s certain to be something that appeals here from leading UK shops including Laura Ashley, Confetti, Amazon, John Lewis, Marks and Spencer, Tesco, Debenhams. Bhs and Forthill Home.

The wedding cake is often the centrepiece of the reception and it’s important to have it looking eye-catching - choosing the right wedding cake stand that really does it justice is crucial. The butterfly theme of wedding cake stand is very popular and looks very stylish - this comprises a series of butterfly shaped separators between each layer of cake on the stand.

We also feature some cake knife and server sets at great prices and an extensive range of glass and acrylic fairy cake and cupcake wedding cake stands which can comprise up to 12 tiers - these can be assembled in minutes and are ideal for presenting cupcakes, pastries and other sweet treats at a wedding. They also free up plenty of space on the table at the wedding reception for other foodstuffs.

A silver or gold wedding cake stand always adds a touch of class to the occasion and we have several top quality products for you to take a look at. We also feature some lovely mirrored, smoked and plain glass wedding cake stands.

The most common type of wedding cake stand is the three tier cake stand - if you can’t find one that appeal to your taste and budget on this page, we invite you to check out our extensive 3 tier cake stands range.

3 tier wedding cake stand